So what exactly does a paleoclimatologist do?

Me in a particularly awesome section of cave. Photo by Garry Smith.

In this page and in my blog posts I intend to show what life is like for me, a paleoclimatologist, from collecting my samples, to analysing them, to writing a paper to let the world know about my science.

My work involves discovering the history of the Indonesian monsoon and how it has changed over the last few tens of thousands of years. For this I use stalagmites from caves as my raw material. Here you can trace the journey of my stalagmites, from cave to paper.

This page is a work in progress. Every time I publish a blog post on my work, I hope to link it here.


Identifying which stalagmites to choose

Getting the stalagmites out of the cave

Cave conservation


Cutting the stals open





The Mass Spectrometer

Liquid Nitrogen

Data Analysis

Pretty graphs, pretty pictures,

Writing a paper

Submitting papers: The long wait

Published at last!