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RSES Recommends: Books, Part 2

Many people will spend their August under ‘stay at home’ orders due to Covid-19, and many more are choosing to spend more time at home than they usually would, just as a precaution. Time at home, especially in the cold winter weather, is often spent reading books – so for those of you looking for new reading material, here are some new book recommendations!

The following books were brought to my attention by RSES colleagues after our first On Circulation book recommendation post.

By Kelly-Anne Lawler.

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RSES Recommends: Books, Part 1

Looking for something to read that isn’t directly related to your own scientific work? Try some of the books recommended by RSES PhD students and complied by Kelly-Anne Lawler.

Two books that should be on everyone’s reading list (these books are definitely not just for scientists!) are Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, and Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil. Bad Science deals with the, well, bad science, that occurs in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals (he has written an entire book on this topic – Bad Pharma), the beauty industry, education and homeopathy. According to Ben Goldacre himself it is a ‘book about the misuse of science by quacks, journalists, and big pharmaceutical companies’.

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Not-so-Serious Sunday 47: Star Wars in 60 seconds

By Kelly

When life starts getting just a little too hectic, Speedrun animation has the solution to all your entertainment needs. Your favourite movies in 60 seconds.

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Not-So-Serious Sunday 33

By Kelly

I love science fiction. I really do. So this Sunday I have two Sci-Fi clips for you. First a tribute to the genre, with a super-cut from over 100 films. And then my favourite for this week, which had the tears rolling down my face*, ‘Hard of Hearing Vader‘.

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Not-so-serious Sunday 23

By Kelly 

Because I know you all love Star Wars, who doesn’t love Star Wars? BUT that said there were a couple of inconsistencies…

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