On Circulation is about the research, and the lives of the researchers at the Australian National University’s Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES). We study the circulation of the solid earth, the oceans, and the universe beyond, from the molecular level to the scale of the solar system. Our research is conducted in the field and in the lab, and we circulate these findings in class rooms, in lecture theatres and to the global scientific community. Now more than ever, we must also learn to communicate (dare we say circulate?) our findings to the public and the policy makers. This blog is designed to be accessible, and relevant to the enthusiast and expert alike. We hope that you enjoy the subject matter, and indeed the personalities, that make our institute and our field such and exciting and stimulating place to work.

To see our facilities and researchers in action, we have some footage that can be seen here.

On Circulation was started in December 2011 by Kelly Strzepek, and wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance and commitment of the contributors that came on board in those early months, in particular Claire Krause, Nick Scroxton and Dominique Tanner.

After a few dormant years, in September 2020 a new cohort of RSES PhD students decided to revive On Circulation to communicate earth science in general, their own research and that of their friends and colleagues in the School.

Current Contributors:

Guadalupe Alvarez – Yajie Gao – Jess Hargreaves

Kelly-Anne Lawler – Rebecca McGirr – Matthias Scheiter

Past Contributors:

Kelsie Long – Louise Schoneveld – Bethany Ellis

Michael Anenburg – Tanja Pejic – Jessica Amies

Jennifer Prichard – Jo Stephenson – Rachel Kirby

Patrick Carr – Richard Skelton – Eleanor Mare

Claire Krause – Nick Scroxton  – Evan Gowan

Kate Boston  – Brendan Hanger  – Mike Jollands – Aditya Chopra

Aimee Komugabe – Bianca Kallenberg – Thomas Haber

Dominique Tanner – Kyle Horner  – Sarlae McAlpine

Anthony David – Kelly Strzepek – Luna Brentegani