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– Ilya Bobrovskiy (PhD Candidate in Biochemistry)

Ilya - Queenstown, Tasmania.jpg

The photo was taken in October 2016 during the RSES student fieldtrip to Tasmania, near Queenstown. The picture shows a side of the Iron Blow abandoned mine cutting through a sulphide ore body. The last glimpse of sunlight illuminates an oncoming storm.


– Ilya Bobrovskiy (PhD Candidate in Biochemistry)

Ilya - Russia 10.jpg

The photo was taken in June 2016 during a geological field trip in the North of Russia, on the coast of the White Sea. It is time to go to ‘bed’ after a whole day of digging through Ediacaran deposits in search of fossils. The time is around 1am and the sun is just touching the horizon somewhere behind the trees, ready to start rising again.

Lenticular Sandstone

– Jeremy Mole (Undergrad Earth Science student)

Lenticular Sandstone.jpg

In this photo Dr. Opdyke is explaining the depositional environment of this Sandstone containing lenticular bedding and ‘ball and pillar’ structures to second year earth science students.

This outcrop of Sandstone, on the north end of Aslings Beach NSW, originated as the sediments deposited by a tide-dominated river. The ball and pillar structures are characteristic and show sand subsiding into mud forming swirls. The group of students pictured here are listening to Brad as he explains how the rock was formed.


– Aly Weirman (Honours Student in Paleoclimate)

Aly WEIRMAN - Babushka AW.jpg

This is a transection of Coxiella shells imbedded in the microbialite samples, I am working with for my honours project. The pictures where taken on the Leica mosaic microscope.

Field trip on the road

– Chris Renggli (PhD Candidate in Planetary Sciences)

Field trip on the road.JPG

Sunset over Central Australia taken during the 2014 Student Field Trip. 

A fitting end to this photography series.