The Research School of Earth Sciences has a long history of pitching the staff against the students in a biannual sporting competition. The staff have dominated in the last few student vs staff sporting competitions, especially cricket, where many of the student team had never bowled a ball or held a bat before. Read more about last year’s cricket match here.

This year strategy overtook tradition and the students challenged the staff to the inaugural student vs staff lawn bowls tournament. There was more participation than ever before with even a few of our youngest coming along to support their parents.

The weather was a sunny 29 degrees as we all made our way down to the RUC. The tension was thick and strategies were forming as the instructor explained the rules of lawn bowls.

We soon began with each of the 7 lanes filled with a staff and student team. The first few bowls were shocking, with many bowls crossing paths and landing in other lanes. There were also a few cases of bowl thieving from other teams.

One of the staff likened the skills shown by both teams to the creation of a scale model of the solar system.

As the second round ended, the staff were ahead 23-20. The students were filled with vigor and were quickly picking up the skills needed to bowl the perfect bowl, although the staff were also learning. The students then moved on to meet their new opponents.

By the end of round 3 the staff were still in the lead with 39-36. The arguments of scoring were growing more intense as the students once again moved on to meet their new staff team rivals.

The end of round 4 brought the competition to a whole new level of competitive bowling with the scores leveled up at 48 all!

The final round brought some massive scores by both teams but the winners on 70 points were…







the students!!!



with the staff losing their game long lead on 60 points.


“After a tense and closely fought game of lawn bowls the staff unfortunately ran out of luck in the final round. Nevertheless it was great to have so many staff involved, so many in fact a few were aliasing as students! It is unclear whether the student’s eventual triumph was attributable to this fact or in despite of it. Either way a fun afternoon was had by all. We’ll be back next year!”   – Caroline (Staff Captain)